Camber or Caribbean

Sunrise at Camber, who needs to go abroad?

“Stay at home” means only going as far as absolutely necessary, and Camber folk don’t want or expect “visitors” wherever they come from…. and whatever time of day it is.

All the photos in this article pre-date the lockdown restrictions, but give us all something to think about and look forward to, once we regain our freedom.

The scene at Camber Sands this year is already different, the car parks are empty and secured, the holiday caravans are unoccupied, and tents and campers are nowhere to be seen.

Gone are the converted VW camper vans and the surfing ‘dudes’, bins are empty of bottles and cans, and the seagulls are confused at the absence of a secondary source of sustenance, our food waste.

No titbits until the tourists return

Dog walkers remain, the odd jogger, patrolling police and coastguard vehicles but otherwise, like everywhere else, the lockdown rules seem to have been largely adhered to, and the usual tourist hot spot has gone cold….. at least for now.

Before too long all this will change, of course, with tourists holidaying in caravans, at Airbnb lets, holiday homes and campsites arriving en masse but, for the moment, particularly in the early morning, Camber is still. The one constant are the most amazing sunrises, well worth getting up for – once the lockdown ends!

The sea is still, the sun is beginning to appear, Camber is awakening

Not a ship in sight, an empty beach and the waves receding – Camber or Caribbean?

Granite boulders meet the waves and the sun is rising, such a lovely day begins.

On the walkway, the sun behind the old vertical groynes gives a castellated effect.

The old salvaged timber groynes are a reminder of how things have changed in recent times.

Camber isn’t just tourists and traffic, so when the lockdown is over, why not see for yourself how beautiful the sunrise can be –  just make sure you get there early enough.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Yes it certainly is a very special place and such wonderful photos too! Best seen first thing in the morning just stunning and right on our doorstep!


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