Camera 1066 Club reports

John Wylie in the Gungarden with some of his students

The Camera 1066 Club has met throughout the year and enjoyed many local days out to various locations around Rye, including Pett Level and Playden. The club is based on learning, the sharing of knowledge and a social afternoon, whereby more nattering takes place than photography!

The group has members from beginners to lifetime dabblers in film photography, who are now trying to understand digital cameras and computers. Some of the group’s members now post the day’s photographs on Facebook to show their friends and other club members their work.

The portraiture class at St Mary's Bay
John Wylie’s portraiture class at St Mary’s Bay

The best description of a typical day out is a slow walk with lots of stops to take photos, followed by tea and cakes in the nearest watering hole, together with lots of discussion about the day’s walk and photos. The location meetings (first Tuesday each month) start in the afternoon at 1pm and end sometimes much later in the day! On clubroom days (last Tuesday each month) we meet between 1pm and 3pm at the Tilling Green Community Centre, Mason Road. Both sessions are practical days, when questions of “how do you do that?” are asked.

Various lectures on photography at other clubs are also provided.

Members also visit other clubs and provide various lectures on photography. The picture (right) shows a portraiture lecture at St Mary’s Bay Camera Club. John Wylie can be contacted on 01797 223034 or by visiting the website.

Photos: John Wylie


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