Carols in the churchyard

The Revd. Paul White gives a warm welcome

Upwards of 100 people gathered around the south door in St Mary’s churchyard on Christmas Eve. They were there to sing carols or to hear them sung, for not all those present appeared to be raising their voice. It was a time for goodwill and for many to welcome Paul White, the new rector, who led the singing.

Singing in the gathering dusk

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. This really was the most lovely heart warming union of people, adults singing, children playing, dogs sniffing, all together in the churchyard, and a glorious moment to share on Christmas Eve. Weather permitting it should be a yearly Christmas event. It didn’t feel religious, and you didn’t need to be religious, all were welcome. It was simply a union of people, mostly strangers, who wanted to rejoice and sing and share a festive moment.


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