Chic bar enhances al fresco drinking

Truck Bar at Rye Harbour

An eye-catching pop-up bar has appeared in Rye Harbour in front of The William the Conqueror pub to serve drinks, coffees and ice-creams. It is shiny and gleams in the sun and entices the passer-by to stop and take time out from a busy schedule.

Maria and Neil Smallwood, proprietors of the establishment, told me that they thought it would be a great addition to the pub. “It gives us a chance to offer hot drinks in the morning to walkers and locals and then drinks and ice cream at lunch time, for customers who don’t want to queue to get in the pub when it’s busy (as the queues do get long this time of year) and for passers-by. At the moment this is the thinking and we’ll have it open in the summer while the weather is good. We may decide to offer it for functions or use it in a different way next year, but at the moment we are trialling it in this way.”

The punters are really happy as they like to sit outside to watch the boats and the seals and it makes getting drinks so easy.

Image Credits: kt bruce .


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