Children’s craft afternoon

Children's Crafts

A group of just over a dozen children had a fun afternoon at East Street Museum on Friday September 1. They busied themselves making masks of superheroes such as Batman and Spiderman, pirate hats and elaborate tiaras. Bead threading was popular, making necklaces and bracelets. The Museum also has a collection of children’s dressing up clothes through the ages. Children were able to dress up as Romans through to Medieval knights, the Regency and Georgians with a few pirates thrown in!

As the museum was open it attracted quite a number of adult visitors who were able to view the artefacts behind the children’s crafting tables.

Many thanks to the Museum helpers, our volunteers who do a marvellous job in many different aspects helping the museum to thrive. September will continue to be busy at the museum with a coffee morning on Saturday September 16 and the opening of the pottery exhibition to coincide with Rye Arts Festival. On September 26 there will be a talk by Josh Cole of Rye Pottery. Next month, members can look forward to a gala evening, raising funds for a new “Hops and Hopping” exhibition.

Do visit, East Street Museum will be open every day during the Rye Arts Festival fortnight. More details

Heather Stevenson


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