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Hedge day working party

The Rye Community Garden needs our support. As part of its on-going search for funding, it has entered the draw for Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund which is active until February 19.

Galaxy is offering grants of £300 each to help small, local community projects and community-minded people through volunteer groups and the Garden has applied for the £300 to cover its annual insurance bill, which is necessary in order to make it accessible to the public.

Vote here and tell your friends.

The  Community Garden began in August 2014 and  is open for anyone to come and enjoy, either to help on any specific project or just to sit amidst the newly planted orchard trees/shrubs.

Currently, there are about 40 Friends who volunteer to help on specific development projects – hedge planting, tree planting, development of raised beds including using the innovative Hugel Kultur technique. As the Garden develops, they hope to be able to fund the appointment of a part-time Garden Co-ordinator to oversee a Community Outreach Programme to encourage other local organisations, working in the Adult Social Care field, to use the Garden for their clients.

Get your hands dirty in the garden on February 20, tackling the raised Hugel Kultur beds.

Photo: Rye News library