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Neal Whittle Kino

The Kino is situated in a great spot. It is the centre of the town and it offers a terraced seating area and a café inside. But the Kino is more than a café and meeting place, it is a brilliant cinema with two great screens and comfortable seating.

Nowadays, with streaming services so readily available, people can access films at home, but going to the cinema is the complete experience, with large screens and surround sound. It is an excuse to meet up with friends and see a film and have a drink afterwards to discuss what you have seen.

Neal Whittle, the manager said, “We love it when our customers come up to the bar to order their refreshments and start a discussion about what they have just seen. We learn so much as people’s opinions are so diverse.”

He said that at the Kino they are fully aware of the rising cost of living, so they have introduced a few more cost-cutting deals. On Tuesday they offer two for one all day, and on every other day the first film is just £10.

The membership deal is fantastic: joint membership is £66 and you get six cinema tickets free; single membership is £55. Special events are put on just for members. On Saturday and Sunday there is a Kids Club for £5. And now a new deal has just been announced, hot off the press: £10 tickets for everyone all day on Monday.

Neal Whittle, Kino

One of the biggest challenges for a cinema is getting an eclectic mix of genres to suit all tastes. The area is rich in culture with many film makers, writers, photographers and journalists living locally. The Kino offers a Q&A session after some of the films which can be entertaining and provokes a great deal of interesting discussion, often engaging people with polar opposite views and making everyone think

Neal has been manager since 2016, having previously been at the Kino in Hawkhurst. He is supported by a good team, and the food and drink has a great reputation in Rye.

So, for two hours or more let nothing else matter as you immerse yourself in the film, relax in comfy seats and enjoy a drink from the bar. The cinema is pumped with fresh air 24/7 making it as safe an environment as possible.

Next week the Kino will be running a competition to win two cinema tickets  – make sure you read Rye News to take part.


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  1. The Kino is Rye’s little gem ,films,drinks,Company and of course such a great staff who are always helpful, we are so lucky to have this in Rye.


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