Dance coach brings 1066 to life

Defending themselves in battle

Renowned West End choreographer Lynne Page  came to the Bridgepoint Art Gallery on Saturday, September 28, to show a group of children, teenagers and adults how to re-enact the Battle of Hastings through dance.

The soldiers have fallen

The large room, currently exhibiting the 27 panels of the Hastings Embroidery, was cleared for all the eager dancers.

Lynne instructed the group to act out each part she as she called out the movement needed to tell the story of the battle. There was lots of laughter.

“The army is gathering, the soldiers are fighting, soldiers are falling, injured, regroup!” she cried. It was very amusing and though some children were a bit shy in the beginning everyone followed the choreographer and had a wonderful time.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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