Discovery Centre 833 lottery

Lime Kiln Café

Have you visited the new Discovery Centre at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve? Have you enjoyed its stupendous views over a coffee and delicious cake?

You could support the centre and win one of three prizes, of up to £77 if you join the 833 Lottery. £24 will buy you a number in 12 monthly draws, which take place at the discovery centre on the first Saturday of every month.

The club presently has 126 members but can go up to 833, and the more people who join, the bigger the three prizes will be. You can buy tickets (as many as you like, for yourself, or others, perhaps as presents) either by filling in a form at the discovery centre or by emailing:

The next draw will be on Saturday, November 13.

Each month 60% of the stake money goes towards the development of the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, while 40% goes into the prize pot which is subdivided into 60%, 25% and 15% of the total.

Numbers are selected with a random-number selecting machine and prizes will be sent to winners by cheque.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce .


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