Etched in our memories

Emblazoned for all to see, a familiar message cut into the hillside.

The Thursday clap in support of our NHS and key workers was a simple proposal which took on a national importance and at 8pm each week the streets were lined with well wishers doing their bit to say thank you to some very special people.

Thursday evenings became something to look forward to during lockdown, a highlight of the week for some, bringing many small communities together across the country and connecting people in the same street who may not have come together otherwise.

Rainbow posters were everywhere, messages of thanks and hope in windows, on buildings and in the media throughout the whole country but alas all good things must come to an end. When the Thursday “clap along” finished, many people missed it, but the legacy remains in many forms.

Coming down Brede Hill the other day the message “THANK YOU NHS”  caught my eye, not on a poster, banner or flag, but etched into the grass on the side of a hill, a labour of love created with precision for all to see, enjoy and remember. I thought it was worthy of a photograph, and a few words of appreciation.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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