Fair makes a difference

The Martha Trust, putting the fun into fundraising.

I was sorry not to have gone to the Wittersham May Fair and must remember to put it in my diary for next year, as according to the posts on the Nextdoor neighbourhood app the event was a huge success. The weather was kind and the crowds came and just kept on coming to this well organised and well supported event, and isn’t it great to see events like this again, it brings a touch of normality back and draws the community together with one common denominator, to have fun.

The British have a knack of coming up trumps, particularly when the chips are down, we dig deeper into our pockets and do our bit for those who need help. One of the many attractions at the Wittersham May Fair was the hot dog stall, and in conjunction with the “ringing the bell on the clown” they were fund raisers for the Martha Trust. On the day, these two attractions raised a massive £843 between them, thanks to the efforts and generosity of Andy Sills and Andy Barkel, aka Korkerman, of Korkers sausage fame.

Have you heard about the Martha Trust? They are a charity who make sure that profoundly disabled people in their care can enjoy as full and active a life as possible by helping them to achieve their potential and, where possible their independence. They provide round-the-clock nursing care with state of the art facilities at their homes in Deal and Hastings. This costs money and donations and fund raising activities help a great deal to cover the associated costs.

Monte Carlo Madness, or is it?

Each year they choose an overseas destination and ask competing teams to drive there but certain rules apply. Firstly you need to find yourself a car costing no more than £200 with tax, insurance and an MOT. The Martha Trust will organise the travel crossing, accommodation and flight home and in return, each participant is asked to pledge to raise £1,500 to help transform the lives of people with profound disabilities. This year’s destination is Monte Carlo and takes place on September 17, leaving from Dover on a three-day challenge.

What a brilliant idea, and good luck to Andy Sills and Andy Barkel on their mission for such a worthwhile cause. Sadly, one of the teams has had to pull out so, if you fancy giving it a go and take part in this year’s Monte Carlo Madness go to marthatrust.org.uk where you will find an online registration form. Alternatively if you or your business would like to get involved in sponsorship opportunities contact Carol or Kerry on 01304 610448 or email fundraising@marthatrust.org.uk.

Image Credits: Martha Trust , Martha's Trust .


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