Freaky tiki zombies on the loose

Zombies on the loose

The town came to, well, not life exactly, but let’s say a state of animation last weekend when many venues hosted Halloween events.

A Rye Good Time’s party – the Tiki Zombie Halloween Shake-Up at the Brewery Yard Club, attracted an eclectic ensemble, all seemingly committed to the undead, island vibe theme. A stonking set from The Violet Jive had the Creature from the Black Lagoon up on his fins, while Princess Peach did the twist with Mario, and shake it they all did.

Local legend Daisy Danger wore a sequinned hula outfit to set off her meticulously authentic zombie makeup. It was makeup. Wasn’t it? Her late-night ghost story explored the tragic entombment of the lovers of Turkey Cock Lane and then Daisy joined the band to perform the Monster Mash.

Artist and film maven, Oliver Brooks created a b-movie reel that worked perfectly with the band’s playlist. If you haven’t danced along with Betty Boop to the Doors hit People Are Strange, then you probably weren’t there and missed the kind of event Rye does so well, and Arabella Ansar does particularly well.

The next adventure is A Rye Good Window Wanderland on Saturday and Sunday, December 11-12. You can read all about it here:

Or download the ARGT town app and stay in tune with updates for this spectacular street event.



Image Credits: Tony Ham , Arabella Ansar .


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