Geography Quiz

Where on Earth?

A geography quiz to test your knowledge.

1. Which Strait was first entered 1st November 1520 and originally called
Estrecho de todos los santos (Strait of All Saints)?
2. The Mosquito Coast is in which Central American Country?
3. Which church stands at the site of The Crucifixion?
4. At 402 sq. miles, which is the largest of the Society Islands in
French Polynesia?
5. In what country would you find the Sutherland Falls?
6. In which Ocean is the Barents Sea?
7. The Great Dixence Dam is in which European country?
8. The Roman Road, the Fosse Way, runs between which two cities?
9. The National Museum at Llandrindod Wells in Powys is a museum for what form of transport?
10. Sudeley Castle, one-time home of Catherine Parr, and her burial place, is in which English county?
11. If you sailed due west from San Francisco, what country would you reach first?
12. Which capital city is known as the City of a Thousand Minarets?
13. If you sailed due west from Bombay (Mumbai) what country would you reach ?
14. U.S.A.’s Colorado River flows into which gulf?
15. The small Caribbean island of Saba, with about 2,000 inhabitants, is the smallest ‘oversea’ ‘municipality’ of which European country ?
16. John F. Kennedy airport is in which New York borough?
17. What are the three colours on the flag of Luxembourg?
18. Name the sea passage between Iran and the Musandam Peninsula of Oman which links the Arabian Gulf to the Arabian Sea?
19. What is the capital of the Canary Island Gran Canaria?
20 On which Mediterranean Island is Cape Martello – a tower was taken there by
British forces in 1794, thus the name ‘martello towers’

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1 Strait Of Magellan
2 Nicaragua
3 Church Of The Holy Sepulchre
4 Tahiti
5 New Zealand
6 Arctic Ocean
7 Switzerland
8 Exeter & Lincoln
9 Bicycles – National Bicycle Museum
10 Gloucestershire
11 Japan
12 Cairo
13 Oman
14 Gulf Of California
15 Netherlands (Holland)
16 Queens
17 Red, White, Blue
18 Strait Of Hormuz
19 Las Palmas
20 Corsica

Image Credits: PIRO4D / Pixabay


  1. Nice quiz. Part of the Mosquito Coast is in Honduras, awarded by the International Court of Justice in 1960, upholding a 1906 decision that the northern part of the former Miskito Kingdom should not be held by Nicaragua which had incorporated the whole territory in 1894.


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