Going wild in Rye Harbour

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Sussex Wildlife Trust is putting on a number of events at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve for the national 30 Days Wild nature campaign during June.

yellow horned poppy

30 Days Wild is about reconnecting with the natural world, so we can better understand and appreciate it. We are asking everyone interested to commit to daily actions to support wildlife. This might be taking a moment to listen to birdsong, watch a butterfly, appreciate the beauty of a bee on a wildflower. Or perhaps do a two-minute beach litter clean, or aim to reduce use of single-use plastics.

Sussex Wildlife Trust’s events this month include “Voices of Rye Harbour” poetry workshops led by award-winning poet Jane Lovell.

Jane Lovell

Jane’s workshops “Landscape: Light and Sound” and “Small Wonders” on June 20 and 27  ease participants into poetry, using simple structure and techniques, with the stunning Rye Harbour Nature Reserve landscapes as their starting point.

Details can be found here about other events at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve to help everyone connect with the beautiful wildlife we have on our doorstep.

Image Credits: Barry Yates , Emma Chaplin .


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