Halloween in Rye 2015


October. A dead, grey sky above and leaves on the ground, hiding the piles of disgusting “dog eggs”.  Which is a mixed blessing.

There are spiders everywhere. I forgot my front door key last week and had to go in via the back garden. I hope the neighbours didn’t notice me swiping spiderwebs away with a weed I found, kicking others out of my path, squealing and trying to wipe any web- residue off me. At least it got me in the mood for Halloween . . . If you don’t have plans, here are some ideas for you this Saturday October 31.


TRICK OR TRICK Theresa’s Garden, 3 Pottingfield Road, Tilling Green, Time: “as soon as it’s dark”
“Festival of pumpkins, and the Gypsy Witch Fortune Teller.”

Local residents have been donating sweets and baked treats for this community focused, charity fundraising event. Dress up and bring along your Jack o’ Lantern for a chance to be judged in the Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Co-organiser Jodie says:

“My mum has been decorating her house for years but the last three we have been raising money for charity. The first time we decided to raise money by selling cakes was for my nephew who had a rare genetic condition and we used half the money to buy him a child’s wheelchair and the rest went to the children’s ward that my nephew had used. This year the money is going to Macmillan. It’s on Tilling Green Estate first right, you won’t miss the music and lights.”

CRAFT MAGIC ART STUDIO Entrance: Free, just pay for items to decorate. 9am to 5pm Saturday.

Miss E and I took the little ones aged 1 to 2. They chose ghosts from a range of papier mache Halloween characters. The staff are really welcoming, they laughed at the kids talking rubbish and even provided a box of biscuits and Halloween chocolates for the kids and tea for the grown ups. The kids were transfixed on painting, so we got half an hour without being hassled, which was nice.

The Studio is open every day, not just for Halloween, just drop in at the weekends or call ahead on a weekday.

Painted Black Ghosts with Glow in the Dark Faces by Luna, age 1, Summer- age 2 and Victor, age 2.

The Rugby Clubhouse is looking so much fresher recently. It’s been transformed from “Mouldy Jack O’ Lantern” to ‘Tasty Pumpkin Pie’ over the last few months. Their Halloween Party is a relaunch of the clubhouse as a party venue.

Club Chairman Troy Benn says:
“We want to make it a place that’s welcome to all, to encourage the local community to use the clubhouse for parties and events. Lots of hard work and effort has been put into refurbishing and redecorating and we hope that people will come along for one of our first events this Halloween and enjoy what the club has to offer.”

My Thrifty Tip:  Play Rrugby at Halloween to save time and money buying or making a costume. See below.

rugby club

Hastings Voodoo Fest from 2pm, Various venues, Hastings
An all day, multi venue event starting at 2pm, Hastings Pier and climaxing at St. Mary In The Castle Voodoo Party. Full listing here.

The Urban Voodoo Machine, DJs Wendy May and Jake B, Justin’s Incredible Organ and The Urban Voodoo Machine
“With lurching sea shanties, debauched murder ballads, messed-up tangos and whiskey-soaked gypsy stomps, some reckon they’re from the same stable of stallions as Tom Waits and Nick Cave; others point out the last gang in town swagger of The Clash and the hellbound blues that John Lee Hooker first dragged out of the swamp.”

Ever wondered what a witch gets up to over Halloween? I found a little interview online… click here to read.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, don’t forget to share your photos with us via our Facebook page!

Here are some I took around town this week.

Glitter Spider £1.49 Bargain Box
Glitter Spider £1.49 Bargain Box


Halloween on the High Street


Glitter Pumpkin at Wobbly Wardrobe by Britainy Rae
Glitter pumpkin, Wobbly Wardrobe


Pumpkins, Rye by Britainy Rae
Johnson’s Fruiterers

Happy Halloween!

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