Harvest festival at Rye Harbour

Harvest festival, Church of the Holy Spirit, Rye Harbour

The church at Rye Harbour has an evening prayer service on the third Sunday of every month. September’s service was dedicated to the harvest and it was a time for the people of the village to bring food for those less fortunate. Chris Emson from the Rye Food Bank came and was thrilled at the offerings which she received. A wheelbarrow was filled to capacity and there were numerous boxes filled with a variety of food. A big thank you to all those who brought donations, especially to Stephen and Richard Tollett of the Harbour Stores in the village, who thoughtfully put together ingredients for twenty-two families to have a complete supper.

The service was well attended and the music was uplifting. Linda Estrada, reader in the parish, took the service. It gave us all time to reflect on how much we had and how little some people are managing on in these difficult times. Martin Bruce played the organ and after the service the congregation sat to enjoy the concluding voluntary, breaking into applause at the end.

Image Credits: kt bruce .


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