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Rye News has been contacted by Jon Crafer, Director at W.Tolletts the established local builders, who has asked us to publish a letter on their behalf to give reassurance to their existing and future customers and clients that they have a team of qualified professionals on hand to help should any of us need them. Their contact details are at the foot of their letter, as below.

Dear Valued Customers,

As we face the uncertainty regarding what will happen over the coming weeks or months I want to take this opportunity to say we are doing our very best as a company to keep the wheels in motion and the cogs turning. All of the team are well versed in hygiene and preventative measures and all know when or what to do in case of contact with a family member of anyone outside of the company that may be suffering with the ailments concerned.

As a local business with 16 people directly employed, it is key we can keep working and provide the same level of service we do now, we will carry on with all work we are committed to until such point as we can’t or our customers no longer want us to continue until this situation subsides, and we respect your decision should this be the case.

We will always offer our services and 24hr call out no matter how big or small and should you need our assistance please rest assured we will be on hand day and night.

We know that many of our local customers both new and old or simply living alone are in the “High at Risk Category” so we are able to provide support to them Free Of Charge.  Should you feel that you may be concerned about anything, or have an emergency no matter how small, you can call us and we would be happy to help even if you just need some assurance.

I’m sure with some common sense we can all come through this situation. ”

The Team@ Tolletts      Office 01797 222622




Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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