High winds close museum

Scaffolding goes up at the East Street museum in Rye extends its offices backwards through the entrance archway

The East Street annex to Rye Castle Museum, normally open in summer months, was closed last weekend because of the high winds.

Work, shown above, has been going on for some months to extend the museum office above East Street’s archway entrance and it is still not quite finished.

The museum annex was therefore shut last weekend because of the possible risk of the wind dislodging some of the building work onto people below.

However, it should be open every weekend until the end of October from 10:30am to 4pm, and open every day during next month’s Rye Arts Festival.

The main Castle Museum is open from 10:30am to 5pm each day.

East Street’s displays are always being updated and the latest exhibit tells of two Rye children who died near the end of the First World War.

Drake’s ship, HMS Revenge which called in at Rye on August 8 1588 during the Armada campaign

And in the Castle Museum there are two boats on show – one of which was Sir Francis Drake’s, who took time out during fighting the Spanish Armada in Queen Elizabeth the First’s reign to drop off a valuable prisoner worth a hefty ransom.

The museum is also looking for occasional gardeners to help with the castle’s herb garden and the small garden at East St. Contact the East St office at info@ryemuseum.co.uk or ring 01797 226728 if you can help.

Museum members can also visit the Hastings Tapestry Project at Bridgepoint (the old Bourne’s warehouse in Rock Channel) next Friday August 30 at 2:30pm for free – but you need to let the museum office know in advance if you want to attend.

The next Children’s Day when the Museum provides activities for children at East Street will be August 27 with a Summer Craft theme.

Image Credits: Rye News library , John Minter .


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