How much do you know?

It's the (general knowledge) quiz of the week


1. Whose friend was ‘little Jackie Paper’?
2. Who was the first black man awarded a British peerage (it was in 1969)?
3. General elections in this country normally occur on which weekday?
4. Who, in the Bible, dreamt of a ladder stretching from Earth to Heaven?
5. Total Eclipse of the Heart and Lost in France were hits for which singer?
6. Which cartoon strip character’s favourite food is lasagne?
7. Which film gave Joan Crawford an Oscar for the title role?
8. “Hello playmates” was one of the catchphrases of which long dead comic?
9. Which soccer club are known as the Imps?
10. Which country’s national flag is simply a green rectangle?
11. How many consecutive quarters of negative growth constitute a recession?
12. Over the years ‘myriad’ has meant ‘countless’, ‘a great number’ and which specific number?
13. Who is credited with the discovery of the electron?
14. Beefsteak, plum and cherry can all be types of which other foodstuff?
15. Which territory has, three times, voted against becoming the 51st state of the USA?
16. Macau in China was a former colony of which European power?
17. Where in the human body are red blood cells produced?
18. Which country was described by Marco Polo as “a land of wonders”?
19. If ready to collect the wort and sparge the grainbed – what are you doing?
20. What name was given the area of eastern Ireland ruled directly by the English in the Middle Ages?
21. Where would you famously find the inscription ‘Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer’?
22. How many prizes did Alfred Nobel designate in his will?
23. A Hymn to Liberty, the national anthem of which country, is the world’s longest at 158 verses!?
24. What does ISBN stand for in a library?
25. What was the previous name of a Snickers bar?
26. In a standard pack of playing cards which is the only king without a moustache?
27. Where must you travel to in order to view the Ring of Brodgar?
28. Other than being birds what connects pelican, puffin and toucan?
29. In Hindu art, Krishna is traditionally shown with what colour skin?
30. Who gave his name to the practice of phonetic transposition of beginning of one word with that of another e.g. Come and wook out of the lindow?


1. Puff the Magic Dragon
2. Learie Constantine
3. Thursday
4. Jacob
5. Bonnie Tyler
6. Garfield the Cat
7. Mildred Pierce
8. Arthur Askey
9. Lincoln City
10. Libya
11. Two
12. 10,000
13. JJ Thompson
14. Tomato
15. Puerto Rico
16. Portugal
17. Bone marrow
18. India
19. Brewing (Beer)
20. The Pale
21. Old Bailey/Central Criminal Court
22. Five
23. Greece
24. International Standard Book Number
25. Marathon
26. Hearts
27. Orkneys (stone circle)
28. Road crossings
29. Blue
30. (Rev. William) Spooner

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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