Why I blossom this time of year


It’s springtime, which means it’s still freezing cold but you leave the house in a summer jacket. I’m not a fan of spring. I prefer extremes in most situations and that includes the weather. I want to be under a blue sky, either skiing or sunbathing. Not under a damp, grey sky, shivering in a denim jacket. There is a sweetener in the deal for me though – the awakening of the flowers, especially the pink and white blossoms bursting open on trees like popcorn. The novelty never wears off and I get a flower obsession at this time every year.

Let’s awaken your senses and get you in the mood for my flora plethora. Here is possibly my favourite advert of all time, for Flora perfume by Gucci. Directed by the king of unnerving, Chris Cunningham.

Lamb House: an introduction to gardening with Michael Kerr
10-week course, every Saturday 10am-midday, starts April 11

Kerr lives in Rye and trained at Kew Gardens for three years. He now designs gardens and directs gardening programmes for TV. The course covers plant identification, planting, pruning, growing vegetables and, of course, flowers! All in the beautiful gardens of Lamb House. Class size limited. £100 a person, in advance. To book: call 077114-20702 or email Lamb House.

Glass hanging vases from £11.99 to £25. Cordelia James, High Street, Rye

Do you like the vases? Hope so. They’re cute. Incidentally, there is free delivery on all garden supplies from Pette Shoppe, High Street, Rye. I recommend the bird feeders. Birdsong is so hot this season. Just keep them away from preying cats!

Tamsin Scott aka Gypsy Rose Flowers

Who knew we had a floristry queen bee living among us? Tamsin Scott is as exquisite as her bouquets. Combining her skills in set design with her love for all things horticultural, she creates stunning bouquets and displays for anyone, but it’s got to be mentioned that her clients include: BBC Films, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Burberry, Elle FR and Art Partner. Impressive. Go look at her website.

Leanne B

Wedding blogger, wedding venue stylist, window dresser, wedding florist.
Leanne likes pretty things. So do most of us. Leanne knows how to create pretty things. Not many of us can really do that. Leanne loves weddings, she literally lives for them. So she has dedicated herself to becoming a style authority on the subject. She has been working within the industry for three years and has always loved the flowers in particular. She is currently on the wedding designs floristry course at Hadlow College and qualifies in a few weeks. For more info, check out her website  which launches next week.