Jabbed again

The Rye & District Community Transport buses have been back in action as some jabs change venues

Ferry Road Surgery in Rye summoned me to attend the Hastings Centre on the Ridge last Friday for my second jab – which was Pfizer one, and those had been moved from Etchingham to this new venue.

As I was told it was opposite the Conquest Hospital I thought “OK. I’ll go by public transport this time”. As Etchingham involved two trains and a long wait in Hastings I had got to Etchingham and back on Rye’s Community Bus instead.

But I had forgotten how long the public bus service could take as it meandered around Hastings’ suburbs and it seemed to take ages to get to the Conquest.

However the new venue was fast moving on Friday and I had only two complaints. The first is that the chairs for new “arrivals” were too close to the chairs for those “resting” after the jab – and there was some confusion as a result.

A sore shoulder lingered

It was much quicker than Etchingham though. My other complaint however is that my shoulder is still a bit sore today (Monday) but not as bad as it was Friday night.

However help was at hand on Friday as not one, but two, Rye Community Transport buses were in the car park and I cadged a lift along the scenic ridge back to Valley Park on the edge of Rye along the Udimore Road. And, because we were that bit higher, the views were magnificent across the Brede Valley and out to sea.

I can’t see the sea from my house (which could be a “plus” in the recent weather) so it was nice to be reminded how close we are to it, while at the same time being equally close to the High Weald which was a mass of spring flowers.

Apart from the move from Etchingham for Pfizer jabs, another “jab” change I heard about was that some who had booked on the national phone line were not always able to go back to the same venue for their second jab, though, for example, New Romney had only been replaced by Folkestone – so not a major change. In the meantime thank you RCT for keeping up the good work on behalf of the car-less locally.

Image Credits: Rye and District Community Transport .


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