Jubilee displays already in place

Entering into the Royal jubilee spirit, the window display at Needles Antiques

The forthcoming Queen’s jubilee celebrations are gathering pace across the country; Union Flags are sprouting up everywhere, street parties and numerous celebratory events are being arranged and I imagine the ladies at WIs across the country (amongst other groups and organisations) are carefully planning their culinary delights in readiness for the big day.

Wandering through Rye on Sunday we could see, as well as the many Union Jacks and patriotic bunting on display, our shops are also beginning to join in with some themed window displays. Rye Candy on the High Street have gone for a regal display with crowns, tea towels, posters, bunting and trays (see photo below) whilst on Cinque Ports Street, Needles Antiques have a lovely old fashioned display full of royal memorabilia, Union Jack bunting and a full wedding dress with regal sash – brilliant!

Rye Candy window display: very patriotic.

I’m sure that before too much longer we will see more shops and businesses dressing their windows in support. If you want Rye News to feature your display then please, just send your photos to info@ryenews.org.uk and we will feature them for you, free of charge. It’s what you might term a window of opportunity. We look forward to receiving them and perhaps we could award the Rye News trophy for the best dressed window. What do you think? Over to you, the gauntlet has been thrown down…

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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