Roo burger with camel, please

Exotic bun from the ex-Army duo Eddie and Smudge: a camel and kangaroo burger with cheese

And The Kangaroo Said is a new culinary venture from the intriguing minds of pals Eddie Prentice and the unbelievably named John Smith (Little Smudge to his friends).

Friends of  “15 long, arduous years”, Eddie and Smudge are both recently retired from the Army. After being posted to Lydd Camp in a training team, they decided the area was too good to leave.

Luckily for us, they decided Rye’s already excellent “eating out” trade could do with some “fresh meat”. Mobile hog roasts were their first thought, but on discovering that they were able to serve crocodile and bison, pig seemed a bit dull.

So together they thought up a menu, found a supplier (all meat is from registered meat importers) and ran free tasting sessions, to get feedback. A few months on and they’re up and running, in a mobile tent equipped with grills. The menu consists of burgers, kebabs and hotdogs made from: alpaca, crocodile, bison, buffalo, camel, zebra and kangaroo – which has soared in popularity because it is only 2 per cent fat and cheaper than steak. What great news!

The fact that these meats are served simply as burgers and hotdogs makes them less daunting to try for the more cautious among us, although I couldn’t bring myself to eat croc kebab. The bison hotdog was my personal favourite.

When a camel burger was brought to our table my friend immediately noted “smells like Egypt”! I’ve never been there, so I wouldn’t know, but apparently the burger was exquisite.

The atmosphere is fun and laid back. You sit on benches among the foliage at the back of The Queens Head in Landgate, Rye. The pub is right on the  road so it’s quite a strange, busy setting – like an urban BBQ. Imagine a scaled down, country cousin of the outdoor BBQ at Brick Lane’s Cafe 1001 in east London. It’s creative use of what is a  somewhat awkward space.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, go along to The Queens Head one Saturday afternoon this summer and try for yourself. And The Kangaroo Said is cooking up at the pub every Saturday, cost between £3.50 and £7. The exotic duo are also available for hire. Inquiries to Eddie or go to the And The Kangaroo Said Facebook page.