Lion Street’s lockdown gift

The little library

Back in June, Rye News featured a bookshelf (shown above) that appears and disappears in Lion Street on the back wall of St Mary’s Centre by the Kino.

Reader Margot Dixon has contacted Rye News to say: “Can I please express my thanks to the people that ran the bookshelf on the wall in Lion Street. Such a marvellous idea, especially as the library remains closed. Their books helped keep me sane during the lockdown! Thank you very much.”

When I last saw the bookshelf (quite recently) I fancied one of the books, but decided to get a book from home to replace it – but the next time I was in town, the shelf was not.

I relied heavily in the past on books from St Mary’s (not on sale currently because of restricted access), Sue Ryder’s (just re-opened) and the Community Shop (still closed) – so another source of books was welcome, though I often get a long way through a book before recalling that I’ve read it before. And, while some of the county council’s libraries have re-opened, Rye’s stays firmly shut for now, sad to say.

Image Credits: Tim Redfern .


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