Lion Street’s Lockdown Library(e)

The little library

Having had a number of conversations with various people about when, and if, the main library will reopen, and how much it was missed, I received a call via Rye Mutual Aid from a gentleman called Jeremy in the citadel who had the brilliant idea of creating an interim Little Lockdown Library.

He had a surfeit of thrillers with nowhere to go, and with the library closed, he enquired as to whether such a library already existed and failing that might one be set up using his books.

To which end, I thought this would offer a great solution for those in craving something new to read, so together with my trusted friend Matt we built this little library for Lion Street.

It’s a very simple design based around a wooden (wine or potato) box that can be easily dismantled when suspended from (existing holes) in the wall. Little Libraries often appear in free standing form or even in telephone boxes. You can read more about the movement at

The little Lockdown Library(e) of Lion Street is currently located just by Savia and open during daylight hours on most days, so if you are looking for something new to read there is currently a modest range of novels, thrillers, a few romance, and various non fiction. Please feel free to borrow a book to return in due course. If you have a  spare book to share please bring it, but only if there is room.

It’s a super simple, if not obvious idea that could easily be replicated elsewhere in Rye. I have found that people always have spare books to donate so they have been easy to source, especially via Rye’s Mutual Aid groups.

On that note I must stress that I am not looking for donations at the moment as we currently have several boxes of donated books which I am rotating. In terms of health and safety, the little library works on a ‘use at your own peril’ basis. While there is currently little concern about paper-based materials like books being a transmissible route, please use the library responsibly.

More information regarding transmission through paper and card can be found here.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Jeremy for his brilliant idea and dedicate the Lockdown Library(e) of Lion Street to him.

Image Credits: Tim Redfern .



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