More local delicacies


Dear Editor, I hope you do patronise the eating establishments you mentioned when I wrote my last letter Where’s my British food? I must add Hayden’s do serve a good Welsh rarebit. You also mention Rye scallops. It is, though, only recently that Rye foodies have promoted scallops as a local dish. I remember when Rye fisherman relied on exporting scallops as there was no local demand for them. In those days we local country bumpkins were eating sprats and whelks, while the foodies came to Rye for fresh Dover soles. Now whelks are exported mainly to China where they are savoured as a delicacy. One local delicacy you might like to try is sheep’s brains though I have not eaten it for a long time or seen it on any menu for years,

Dennis Leeds-George
East Guldeford