Magic sounds from Shoreline

Bob Preedy, broadcaster, author, and creator of community radio station, Shoreline Radio, serving Romney Marsh.

Bob (above) has a broadcasting CV running longer than Coronation Street – and in a wide-ranging career, he’s been a cameraman for both the BBC and Yorkshire TV, a book author, a continuity announcer, and a radio presenter for Radio London, Radio Tees, Pennine Radio, Radio Hallam and Radio Aire. He’s even owned a cinema.

He created the name for ‘Magic’ radio, presented country music programmes on Radio York for over 20 years, including the popular ‘Hot Country’, and was head of Wetherby’s community radio station, Tempo FM, from 2006 to 2009.

Who better then, for launching one of the country’s latest radio stations, Shoreline FM, broadcasting across 100 square miles of Romney Marsh, from Rye to Hythe?

With his mellifluous voice oozing like honey, Bob Preedy should have no problem working his own kind of magic over a new audience. “We did a proper job on audience research before we launched last March”, he said and asking locals what they actually wanted to hear produced interesting results.

“There to help the community”

“Magic was the most popular station. But they don’t want loads of adverts”, says Bob, “And they don’t want to hear bad news every hour” – so you won’t hear hourly news bulletins on Shoreline. It’s community radio”, says Bob. “We’re there to help the community. Local news items get announced, along with events and appeals.”

The music format is ‘easy listening’. Over breakfast, the style is light and ‘poppy’. A continental flavour drifts along over mid-morning coffee, with what he calls ‘sweet delight’ at lunchtime. Afternoons feature favourites from the ’50’s and ’60’s, a touch of Ella Fitzgerald, some Dean Martin, and classic bands.

And evenings? Well, that’s rock, soul, Motown and of course, country. “We do have some chat”, says Bob. “But it’s just 90 seconds. And it’s punchy, with a community relevance. We aim to be listenable and entertaining. Relaxing. Engaging. Certainly not boring.”

Something cheerful

The demographic is aimed very much to an older age group, with a refined playlist that retains a freshness to it, “A certain zest”, says Bob. With the pandemic bringing so much sorrow to the world, Shoreline FM aims to bring something positive to the community it serves. Something cheerful.

“We’re on your side”, declares Bob, the man who says his dream co-presenter would be Dolly Parton. “Playing your music. There’s no other station saying that”. Shoreline Radio is on 100.2 FM

Image Credits: Chris Lawson .


  1. Discovered Shoreline Radio quite by accident, but what a find. No constant ads just first class music with easy on the ear presenters. Shoreline is very much our preferred radio station. Brilliant.

  2. Oh wow how absolutely brilliant just happened on to Shoreline Radio what an uplifting Radio brings back a lot of good memories and certainly disperses all that is going on at this time keep it up Bob and Thank you

  3. All the team of volunteers very much appreciate your kind comments. We are really pleased that the station is going down well in Rye. Keep listening – and spread the word!
    Many thanks
    Shoreline FM Radio 100.2


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