Milly goes off – part 2

The cat with the bushy tail

Our cat, Milly, went off for another of her adventures last week. She left her secure environment of our enclosed garden and set off down the high street who knows where. Her last escapade lasted 10 days, so we were not so unduly worried when the third morning arrived without sight of hide nor fur of her. If she has found a better billet, we thought, there’s nothing we can do to keep her here.

However, at a quarter to midnight last Friday, there came a great miaowing outside my bedroom window and there she was down below in the street. How she arrived at the right door that she had never seen before remains a mystery. An animal instinct like that of a homing pigeon perhaps.

So in she trots, the clever clogs, not so well groomed and glossy as last time. Maybe her previous hosts were away? She made her casual tour of inspection, pretended she wasn’t hungry and then, when we weren’t looking, mopped up the dish of food we had put out for her.

Of course we were pleased to see her, but also a little miffed. Losing a cat once might be regarded as a misfortune, as Lady Bracknell might have remarked, but losing her twice in two months looks like carelessness.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. Could Milly have a tracking system attached to her collar such as that used for elderly who wander off.
    It is an amazing story of homing instinct!
    I’m reminded of a 6 month old spaniel taken by Rye owners for a runabout on Camber Beach by car. She ran off and poor desperate owners searching and calling for hours after sunset produced no return. They returned to Rye by car and there she was on their doorstep. She must have found her way cross country. But how was this possible?!


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