Not so secret gardens revealed


Gardens are opened regularly in Winchelsea for various charitable causes and the climax comes on Saturday, June 6, as 11 gardens open for the National Gardens Scheme [NGS] from 1-5:30pm. The gardens on view are The Armoury, Nos 1-3 Barrack Square, Cleveland Place and House, Five Chimneys, Periteau House, Rye View on Tanyard Lane, South Mariteau and No 2 Strand Plat. Visitors can enjoy the gardens along with teas, to help raise funds for the NGS and local charities, writes Richard Comotto. Although not part of the official opening, some of the allotment plots on Back Lane may also be open once again to the public and continue to be popular. This site, owned by the National Trust, is leased to residents. The 11 gardens re-open on Monday, 8 June, in aid of local charity ARRCC. It is one of Winchelsea’s more recent traditions to describe this event as “Winchelsea’s Secret Gardens”, causing amusement to some and bemusement to others.