Ono but good to eat

Poke food and large delivery carton

ONO Poke Bowls (pronounced Po-Kay) are a very recent food delivery venture opened in Rye. In essence, these are Hawaiian dishes traditionally served cold in a small or large bowl.

A personal mix from the bowls

You phone to order a most delicious choice from the menu, which recently dropped through my letter box. I invited six friends and ordered eight bowls, delivered to my door in two neat bags, with instructions on which to keep overnight in the fridge. I ordered the large bowls, as you can see illustrated, and in fact seven would have been ample. They came with a variety of sauces in neat little containers, also on the menu.

You first think what base you want, for each bowl, sushi or brown rice noodles or mixed leaves, and I ordered a selection of sauces, then on to the main act! Small bowl or large? Sushi or cooked fish and meat? Who would not fall for Huli-Huli chicken or Red Chili Tuna, but two examples. Vegetarians are catered for as well and a new vegan option will be available soon.

River picnic

I live by the river and we actually managed an hour of sunshine on the deck before we shared the bowls, all separate spoons and cutlery, all Covid-19 safe space and ventilation, in case someone asks, and we tucked in . A unanimous positive “yes!” greeted the poke bowls, so why not look at the menu and get help with your order? I did, and we were still by the river four hours later.

ONO Poke Bowls: Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm  Delivery only. Instagram: ONO_pokebowls Tel: 07510 073568 Facebook: Ono Poke Bowls

Image Credits: Gillian Roder .


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