Open wide

Wideye, 113 High Street, Rye

Have you ever heard of Tarifa in Spain? It’s the birthplace of Wideye, a highly successful health and beauty business with strong local connections, once again on the expansion trail.

Since opening their first ethical health and beauty shop in 2005, the owners haven’t looked back. The shop was an instant success, where their plant-based products were a popular and natural alternative, where the local community were able to protect and revive their skin from the harsh local weather conditions.

Camber Sands beach shares parallels with Tarifa and in 2010 the business owners decided to relocate back to the UK and moved to Camber where it is now based.

The Wideye dream was born and in 2015 Rye saw the opening of the first UK store and production unit. Coastal locations are an essential part of the overall business plan, these locations reflect the companies passion for an active lifestyle and the environment. In 2018 the dream became reality with the opportunity to open stores in Bournemouth and Brighton.

The expansion hasn’t finished yet and despite the current commercial climate and a global pandemic, Wideye have secured their next opening in Tenterden at 106b High Street ,and with the facia now in place it looks as though it could be opening anytime soon.

Perhaps Rye is seen by entrepreneurs  as a safe place to start a new business, a stepping stone to greater things? It worked for Wideye and it worked for Knoops, so perhaps before too long others will follow suit and take leases on some of the empty shops available now. Have a peep at the Wideye website or email them on

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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