Great day for green fingers

The 10th flower and vegetable show on Saturday in Rye Community Centre was a gardener's delight, the Royal Horticultural Society's accredited judge Richard Sandford praised the high standard of entry that included a 43.5cm long runner bean, and "Man of the Mud" was town councillor Nigel Jennings.On the Living page Tony McLaughlin reports on the show and Nigel Jennings reports on the new Community Garden.

School’s back with morning mayhem

Around one in three children have had a serious accident or a near miss in the morning mayhem of getting ready for school . . . and spilled hot drinks top the list of dangers. Almost 10,000 under-16s were admitted to the Conquest's A&E department last year. As families prepare for the return to school Tony McLaughlin reports in our Living section on some problems highlighted by the Child Accident Prevention Trust and the top five risks.

It’s yo ho ho time on the Strand

This year's Maritime Festival will be the 10th and will take place on Sunday August 31 which is later in the year than usual due to exceptionally low tides

Recruiting to help find employment

The Rye Partnership's rural employability project is proving a great success in supporting local people back into employment. Several recent roadshow/ recruitment events have all proved successful in recruiting staff for local businesses

Tax protest campaign continues

Chris Coverdale , who refuses to pay Rother Council taxes which he believes are paying for an illegal war, has been given a suspended sentence at Hastings' Magistrates court providing he pays the council tax he owes. But, if Rother cash his cheque, he wants the council arrested. Tony McLaughlin reports on this campaign to "make war history".

Summer safety by the sea

Summer's here and on the days when the sun does shine many of us like to head to the beach at Camber. But for parents of young children the lure of a refreshing dip or lying lazily on the beach comes with the risk of the kids wandering off and getting lost among the crowds. So it's reassuring to know that Camber's summertime safety operation is in full swing

The (Rye) Grand National

Short legs, skirts and uncontrollable laughter were the biggest drawbacks for competitors in Rye's answer to Aintree - but from all the grinning faces at the finish it was clear it simply didn't matter who won

Roots, blooms and uber tubers

A decade of decorative displays of home-grown victuals, and a few dubious ones, will be celebrated when the 10th Rye Flower and Vegetable Show takes place on Saturday August 30 at the Community Centre from 2pm

Vigil for Great War dead

Nearly half of the 300 Rye men who volunteered to fight in World War 1 were to perish. A special service at St Mary's on Sunday commemorated the start of that war. Many families lost two sons, but one - the Tiltmans - lost five

A dog day afternoon

Despite storms before and after, the annual Winchelsea summer fete was a triumph. Brilliant sunshine and a fresh breeze created the perfect setting for a bustling afternoon

Wanted: fit, strong rescue crew

The inshore rescue service at Pett Level needs some help itself. It needs more volunteers to man the boat. If you dare, go along to its open day

Grand National comes to town

A summer fair is an integral part of life in the English countryside. The Rye Show is on Saturday August 16 and has everything you'd expect: horses, dogs, serious contests, silly competitions, fun, games, food, drink - and lots of visitors

Bales of hay and wool

Thousands of marsh sheep are looking well shorn at the moment after an annual haircut but are the farmers happy with the return? Our farming expert stares into his wallet and explains the economics

Yoga picnic

My recent yoga picnic was held in the beautiful garden at Smallhythye Place, writes Margot Dixon. Enthusiasts from my classes in East Sussex and Kent were...

Another successful swap

The final Saturday in July saw the tenth in the series of popular Recycle Swap Shop events, this time held at the Tilling Green Community Centre.

Pastors go extra mile

Street pastors have transformed the weekend late-night scene in many towns and cities. But what did they find to do in Rye?

Restored and rewarded

Two awards have come the way of Liz and Andrew Bamji this year for the restoration of their Georgian house in Rye. Here they tell the story of their project

Ryers rally round

It takes more than one "tornado" to stop the party. Rye Museum held a successful fund-raising event despite rotten weekend weather

‘Allo ‘Allo . . . it’s wartime

Living in the past is big business. Locally, few come bigger than the War and Peace Revival. Dance to vinyl, embrace tanks, laugh with a classic comedy cast

Salutes to the fallen

The annual visit to Ypres to commemorate local men who fell there in 1914 has a particular poignancy as the centenary of the start of World War 1 approaches