Power to the Green

Making a difference matters to the people of Tilling Green. Its local residents' association now in its 11th year is going from strength to strength. Dan Lake describes how teamwork continues to be key to making a better community

Change of matron

Rye Hospital has a new matron: Diana Carter who has been working at the hospital for eight years. She takes over from Jan Phelps...

Scanning for lambs

In a series of planned regular countryside articles, local farmer Simon Wright introduces himself to Rye News readers

Mithraic ragstone to a bull?

There is much speculation about the stone altar in the church of St Mary, Stone in Oxney. A bull carving on one side suggests it is probably Roman. John Hazleden takes an inquiring look into suggestions that the bull is linked to sacrificial rites and the cult of Mithras

Wow, what a doll

A dress to turn heads: created in wallpaper, designed by Rye students

A towering achievement

The ruined church of Old St Helen’s at Ore lies off the beaten track. It was well-known to the fashionable world of Victorian Hastings, but today it is rarely visited. Kenneth Bird describes how the Sussex Heritage Trust restored this ancient monument that spans a thousand years of history

Money – to be given away

Our local communities are full of deserving causes. A fund exists to help them. It is open to voluntary groups and charities within six miles of Rye. Perhaps your group should be applying for the help of Rye Fund

Changes in GP services

While a doctor is no longer based at Rye hospital for weekend cover, the extent of GP support is actually increased, with some now dedicated to home visits

Mystery of chocolate sheep

They are friendly, petite and have beguiling brown faces. A reader spotted these sheep close to Rye but no one seemed to know what breed they are

Hospital with a long past stands defiant

The NHS is changing fast. To stay a focus for local care in the future, Rye's hospital is having to evolve fast, too. Barry Nealon describes how