Taxi booth going places

There was no Lord Sugar, no Dragons just one man and his idea, which in just six months has grown. Dan Lake reports

Windows spring into light

When darkness falls and our subtle street lighting throws shadows, some buildings take on a new lease of life. But do you recognise them all?

Santa’s Grotto kept busy

Sold out before he even started. Is he a pop star ? Is he a politician ? No, it's Santa

You may have missed . . .

Last Saturday was busy and if you missed something in Rye you are forgiven. The Christmas Pudding race seemed challenging, but so are other people

Scene setter at Great Dixter

Would you like to know what goes on behind the scenes in a great garden? Here is an opportunity

Jenny confuses magistrate

Another lost pub of Rye where an entertaining game was played and which confused the local magistrates

Conserving their energy

Is it a wedding? Is it a council meeting? No, it's neither. So who is chattering away in the Council Chamber?

Farmers’ Market struggles

The Wednesday Farmers’ Market on Strand Quay sells really good produce, but needs greater customer support. So why is it struggling?

Lost – a priceless antique

Dennis Leeds-George remembers one of the town's longest-standing shopkeepers

Champions against dementia

Rye & District Dementia Action Alliance are bringing much needed dementia awareness to Rye. Daliea Redman reports on how the champions are looking to make a difference to lives

Screw your thinking caps on

Why does Father Christmas like to spend time in the garden? So he can hoe, hoe, hoe. Why are the Bonfire Society fired up with enthusiasm?

Beachcombing for litter

The beach provides a home for all sorts of things, some unwanted. So who is heading for the beach?

Elegant setting for fundraiser

When a stately home suddenly fills up with stalls, it must be Christmas and a fundraiser - but where are these elegant surroundings?

Family time in the woods

If you go down to the woods, you're in for a great surprise, because families are gathering there to educate themselves

Switching to cut energy bills

Residents in Rother are being urged to save money on their household fuel bills . . . learn how

Aisles alive with stalls

Heidi Foster attended St Mary's Christmas Fayre last weekend (Saturday November 28) and picked out some snippets to share with Rye News readers

Dilys, a woman with many hats

Actress, writer, retailer, volunteer, estate agent - Dilys Mayor has brought many creative talents here as Dee Alsey discovers in her Ryers Unwrapped series of interviews

Old warships never die . . .

A nautical landmark for the past few years is shortly to disappear to start a new life, at sea helping others

Did you see darts champion?

Did you see local darts hero Denny Gower in action in one of our local pubs in the '70s or '80s? Darts historian Patrick Chaplin is looking for eye witnesses to his record breaking feat

A hot time for quizzing

Five letters, allegedly more popular than fish and chips, rhymes with speeding up and comes in more than 57 varieties. Heidi sets a quiz