Pilgrims progress to Rye


Rye welcomed latter-day pilgrims Will Parsons and Guy Hayward this week together with their dog Holly (see photo above). They are reviving the ancient tradition of long unbroken walks between spiritual sites, relying on help and support from the communities they encounter. On this trip they are wandering through the South Downs between Winchester and Canterbury, a three week walk. On Tuesday night they spent the night at St Mary’s, Rye, courtesy of Canon David Frost.  On Wednesday they sang folk songs outside the old off-licence on the High Street much to the delight of passers-by.

Parsons and Hayward are exploring Britain’s sacred landscape, connecting holy places with footfall and song. They believe there is a great future for pilgrimage in Britain. If Spain can manage it with Santiago, why not Britain? With its natural beauty, historic landmarks and unrivalled footpath network, they believe this land is made for it. See their quest webpage.  Or follow their journey with photos, videos and blog posts on Facebook/Twitter at /haywardparsons

Photo: Sandra Lanigan