Pizzas in Rye Harbour

At work kneading the dough

Every Monday bar one since lockdown there has been an air of anticipation in the Harbour as people looked forward to their delivery of pizza dough from Michael and Claire.

Michael Ganss has always been interested in making food and has written two cookbooks based around favourites of his friends and family. Hearing of the tsunami of illness heading world-wide Michael decided to get in some bread flour in anticipation of there being a lack of it. A friend taught Michael to make pizza when he was producing last year’s cook book and he felt that if he had to be imaginative during lock-down then pizza was a good way to go.

Michael said, “I wanted to help my neighbours in a practical way to lift their spirits during lockdown so I offered to make a few portions of dough for them on a Monday evening. All the processes were done carefully and the containers were dish-washed and I always wore gloves and the dough was delivered by leaving it on the doorsteps.”

In the first week Michael made 11 pizzas and the first recipients became regulars. Claire took over the logistics and word spread. Monday Night Pizza Club was born. Michael and Claire asked people to photograph their finished creations and some of the innovative designs were fascinating.

After sixteen weeks, 50kg of 00 flour and 395 pizzas, they eventually ran out of flour. All good things must come to an end, but what fun they all had during those sixteen weeks.

Image Credits: ktbruce .


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