Pumpkins galore

Pumpkins for sale

I was so excited to see the pumpkins being sold at the entrance to Lime Tree Farm, a family run smallholding on the A259, at Straight Lane near to the village of Brookland.

David Wheeler runs this farm with help from his daughter, who among other things is in charge of the cut flowers during that season. I had noticed the sunflowers before, a stunning sight and worthy of any field in the south of France.

Fruit and vegetables are also grown, especially potatoes. It is proposed to grow more organic and wildlife friendly produce for the local community in future.

Pumpkins of all sizes and shapes will be available until October 31, supposing that at the really reasonable prices there are still some left.

We bought pumpkins to carve and would ask please don’t throw the seeds away. The birds love them, but so do I. Look up how to clean them, by rinsing in a few changes of water, and then roast them with a little olive oil, they are delicious and nutritious too.

We also bought decorative gourds, the weirder the better with mixed colours and lots of bumps. They brighten up a home with autumn cheer, on the window sill or as a centrepiece on a table.

And no you can’t buy the little cutie in the pumpkin suit.

Image Credits: Carol Macdonald .


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