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This week, general knowledge

1. Whose 1990 album The Rhythm of the Saints featured musicians and rhythms from Latin America?
2. Who wrote the 2006 novel Shalimar the Clown?
3. Who was the oldest monarch to succeed to the British throne?
4. In the film Finding Nemo, what was the name of the forgetful fish voiced by Ellen de Generes?
5. In which British city are Salisbury Crags?
6. Barabas is the title character of which play by Christopher Marlowe?
7. What was the name of the island in the Somerset levels on which King Alfred took refuge in AD 878?
8. Which eccentric businessman designed the bra that Jane Russell wore in the film The Outlaw?
9. Which institution awards the Pulitzer prize?
10. Name either of the jockeys that rode Red Rum to victory in the Grand National.
11. In the acronym radar, what word does the last ‘r’ represent?
12. What name is used for the helicopter that the president of the USA travels in?
13. Where would you find a newel post?
14. With which article of clothing are cordwainers traditionally associated?
15. On which London street would you find the Royal Academy of Arts and Fortnum and Mason?
16. Which vegetable has a variety called Batavia?
17. What does a sphygmomanometer measure?
18. In which year did Cardiff become the capital city of Wales?
19. In which year did the Festival of Britain take place?
20. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which character (whose surname is the name of a musical instrument) plays Thisbe in the ‘play within the play’?
21. What type of toast is bread dipped in beaten egg and then fried?
22. In which state is Jack Daniels distilled ?
23. Which reggae star died in 1981 aged 36?
24. Who ran away together in the rhyme The Cat and The Fiddle?
25. Which branch of the scouting movement is for members aged 6 to 8 years?
26. What name is given to the young of a ferret?
27. Which English county is sometimes called ‘the gateway to England’?
28. Which was the first decimal coin introduced in Britain?
29. Who was the first woman to feature on the reverse of a British banknote?
30. What sort of creature is a hairstreak?



1. Paul Simon
2. Salman Rushdie
3. William IV (aged 64)
4. Dory
5. Edinburgh
6. The Jew of Malta
7. Athelney
8. Howard Hughes
9. Columbia University
10. Brian Fletcher or Tommy Stack
11. Ranging (RAdio Detection And Ranging)
12. Marine One
13. At the end of a staircase
14. Shoes
15. Piccadilly
16. Lettuce
17. Blood pressure
18. 1955 (accept 1953-1957)
19. 1951 (no leeway)
20. Francis Flute
21. French toast
22. Tennessee
23. Bob Marley
14. The dish ran away with the spoon
25. Beaver scouts
26. Kit or kitten
27. Kent
28. 50 pence
29. Florence Nightingale
30. Butterfly

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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