Record breaking swap shop

Busy Swap Shop

Saturday, January 19 saw a great recycling swap shop at Tilling Green community centre organised by Transition Rye. Thanks are due to all the helpers who made it a success by sorting out items and weighing them. The idea is to bring items not wanted any more and leave with useful items to take home.

For people interested in the details, below is what actually was saved from going to landfill:

825kg brought on the day (674kg at the previous event)
469kg taken away on the day (388kg previously), including 200kg of books
38kg to recycling
27kg non-recyclable
123 people attended

Eclectic mix free for you to take

Impressive data, and it’s well worth taking part or helping. The next swap shop will be Saturday, May 11 at St Mary’s community centre in Lion Street. For more information about Transition Rye, including their Green Drinks event on the 15th of every month visit their website.

Also environment related, you can see the events run by Rother Environmental Group here, including the showing of the film Cowspiracy on Tuesday, February 26 at 7pm in the Silver Room in the Kino, Lion Street (entry £5).

Image Credits: Supplied by Transition Rye .


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