RIP Quay Collectables

Quay Antiques and Collectables

Last week Rye News reported on the closure of Quay Antiques. This week one of its regular traders explains why she will miss its unique atmosphere and camaraderie.

“Last Sunday was the final day of trading for Quay Antiques and Collectables. The two floored antiques emporia had been trading for 23 years.

“Many traders have had stalls there for over a decade and were very disappointed to suddenly be leaving their pitch and losing their livelihoods. It is a great loss to the Quay.

“This once vibrant thriving antiques hub is dying, and as a consequence Rye becomes a little less inviting to visit.

“At its height the emporia had over thirty traders all bringing their own unique objects, knowledge and expertise. Years of hoarding and collecting placed altogether in one shop made it one of the most fascinating places to experience in Rye.

“Having been a regular customer then a trader myself, I’ve seen the delight of visitors as they walk through this labyrinth of history.

“Customers would get lost in nostalgia, browsing, not looking for anything in particular. There was so much stuff! It sparked all types of conversations as people reminisced “I’ve not seen one of those in years” or told stories behind their purchases.

“The exchange of interests and hobbies was fascinating, there was no telling what people would be attracted to out of such a big collection.

If we knew what sold we’d try & stock it the traders banter, their buying and selling was an integral part of the shop. A diverse bunch all bringing their latest finds to one collective place, meant the market had something for everyone.

“Sunday 18 [October 2020] was an end of an era for the Quay in Rye.”

Image Credits: Tara Larkin .


  1. Bravo, Tara!
    My sentiments exactly. Quay Antiques was a part of Rye’s personality. We lingered in its nostalgia, pondered our past (and our present), and longed for the simplicity that was always on display at “The Quay.”

    Thank You,
    Robert Caprio
    a Frequent Visitor to my 2nd Home.


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