Rob becomes RNLI helm

Rob Jennings and Paul Taylor (assessor and trainer)

Rob Jennings joined the RNLI three years ago and today all his dedication and hard work paid off as he passed out as a fully qualified helm at RNLI Rye Harbour.

Rob lives with his wife in Rye and has been a policeman since 2009. Very similar qualities are needed in both parts of his life, such as being good with people, having good communication skills and the ability not only to be a team player but also being willing and receptive to learn from those in your team. Rob’s appetite for learning new skills and being naturally curious has enabled him to progress through his boat and helm plans and to achieve his goal of being helm. Congratulations to Rob from all the team.

Paul Taylor, assessor and trainer for the south, came to the harbour to carry out the rigorous assessment and was thrilled to shake Rob’s hand at the end of his debriefing and wish him well.

Paul commented afterwards, “Rob did really well today with good all-round safety elements on board and excellent commanding and leadership skills in evidence. We conducted several evolutions of veering down, area searches, man overboard procedures amongst others and I was able to see good management all round. The main thing with Rob that I observed today which was really good, was that the safety of the boat and the crew were foremost. A well-deserved pass.”

Rob was really happy to have passed and to have added another helm to the station’s crew.
He said, “I want to thank the crew both shore and boat and the management team for all the help I have received from day one. It is a team effort and it has taken a lot of dedication and hard work from all of them. I am looking forward to the next chapter for me and the station.”

Image Credits: Kt Bruce .


  1. Well done Rob! And thanks to all the courageous men and women at Rye Harbour who are willing to go out in all weathers to save lives.


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