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The next Rother Environmental Group (REG) talk is at 7:30pm on Tuesday, April 27, when Kristina Sodomkova will talk on Rother District Council’s response to the climate emergency.

Kristina Sodomkova is RDC’s environment and policy manager. She was appointed to guide and assist in the implementation of the council’s environmental strategy, with its detailed targets, and Kristina will update on the council’s progress. She will outline challenges and amendments to the strategy in line with our government’s new national targets of 68% reduction on 1990 levels by 2030.

You can join on Zoom from 7:15pm onwards. The talk will start at 7:30pm, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion afterwards. You are invited you to send in questions beforehand to  Please use the same email address to request the Zoom link for the meeting.

Recording bottles and cans

Strandliners’ new campaign asks us to record drinks bottles and cans found in our environment. It is easy for all to participate. Next time you are out on the beach, along a river bank, in a park and see a discarded drinks bottle or can, make a note of the material (plastic, glass or metal), the size (large, medium or small), and the brand. And if you have gloves and a suitable bag pick up the bottle/can, then recycle it.

Send the information to with the subject title:
“Bottles from …. (insert town, village, park, beach or river).”
If there’s time, send a photo too.

Strandliners will collate the information and send it to the Government to help advocate for a Deposit Return Scheme being discussed in the Environment Bill later this year.

Calling all photographers 

Laura Coppin is looking for photos of our area – the beauty spots, but also the bad news — perhaps a pile of rubbish fly-tipped, or trees cut down. Laura is communications lead for the Rother environment strategy’s delivery. She is tasked with raising the profile of the environmental agenda in Rother and of the environmental groups and their activities, using the council’s communications channels and she wants some good images to use. Email your photos to:

New feature: Tip of the month

Innards of a toilet roll: Use to plant seeds – especially useful for the pea family – planting out roll and seedling when plants are 8cm, 3 inches, or half a hand span high!!
Find out more here.

Source: Rother Environmental Group

Image Credits: Sandy Spencer/Andy Dinsdale .


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