Rye Emporium shows its style

Collection from Alex

The arrival of the Rye Emporium is a welcome new addition to the town’s burgeoning lifestyle and antique businesses which have sprung up recently. Currently under the radar (but hopefully not for long) and located in the huge industrial warehouse units in Jempson’s Yard on the 67-81 Winchelsea Road, the business has attracted a number of established dealers, the spaces therein offering an eclectic mix of furniture, lighting and interior pieces.

John Boyall is in zone 5 selling mid-century-antiques, art deco, rugs and decorative objets d’art

‘Bad Marriage’ (Alex Ainsworth, main image) concentrates on 19th-century antiques. The atmosphere is friendly and the dealers very helpful, not pressuring people wandering around. A whiff of lingering incense greets the visitor while walking through the vast place.

John says: “This is certainly the largest antiques warehouse locally with easy off-street parking for customers, the enormous space showcasing a stunning collection of diverse items at affordable prices.

Great chair designs chosen by David Cullingworth of ‘Trend Antiques’

It is a destination for stylists, creatives, dealers/traders and is supported by devoted local customers as well as growing numbers from London, the south-east and indeed internationally. The Rye Emporium is a must find venue for those seeking to buy, sell or just browse interesting items for home or garden.

There is talk of Jempson’s being interested in a planning application for houses on that site. The dealers are aware of this but feel that it would be a long time coming and there is no certainty permission will be given. There are quite a few issues Jempson’s needs to take into account which may make the place unsuitable for housing, though Rye desperately needs it.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. I couldn’t see many antiques, if any, in the photographs taken at the Rye Emporium. Vintage, yes, many items circa 1950s. Antiques are considered to be 100 years old or more I thought. Maybe the Emporium has these as well, and if so, it would have been more helpful to have included some photos. of them too and then I would have been stirred to visit the Emporium.


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