Scallops at The Plough

Seared scallop,, Jerusalem artichoke puree, apple, bacon and roasted garlic mash

The walk from Rye to The Plough is one of the most lovely in the area. At this time of year the least muddy route is along West Undercliff to Dumb Woman’s Lane and then along Float Lane until the sign across the field to Udimore Road which brings you out close to The Plough at Cock Marling.

But on yet another rainy miserable Saturday night we thought we’d drive to see what was on offer for scallop week.

I do love a convivial pub. Opening the door to The Plough you step onto a red quarry tile floor, with dishes for dogs, which leads on to floor boards and a relaxed and welcoming arrangement of scrubbed pine tables.

There is a warm atmosphere, the space is large, light and airy but retains a certain cosiness. The wood burner is roaring, the barman is smiling and there is altogether a warm and friendly ambience with jars of daffodils on the bar and tables.

The Plough is busy on a Saturday night with tables full of young people and families. For Scallop Week there is a special menu showing five special scallop dishes, designed by Chris and expertly executed by Jas.

The flavours of all the dishes look interesting and not too avant garde, including that old favourite scallop wrapped in parma ham. The Plough helpfully offers each dish as either a starter or a main and also includes a recommended wine for each set of flavours.

We decided on the pan seared scallops with bacon, Jerusalem artichoke puree, apple and garlic mash. We chose a local wine, Chapel Down sparkling Bacchus as recommended on the menu.

Scallops must be tender and juicy as they will toughen very quickly if cooked for too long. Ours were pan seared and absolutely perfect with a gorgeous melt in the mouth quality. Bacon with scallops has to be crispy. We had two rashers each cooked to the point where they were almost cremated but not quite.

The baked apple peel, artichoke puree and garlic mash were perfect accompaniments for both flavour and texture. Then a surprise bowl of french fries arrived, and we enjoyed them as well.

My husband then tucked into a sticky toffee pudding and ice cream which was helpfully served with two spoons. It was amazingly good. I had more than my share as I took advantage of David talking to someone and not looking.

I hope the weather improves this week so we can walk to The Plough, working up our appetites for another turn. The food is delicious. I really fancy a go at the scallop burger.

Image Credits: Mags Ivatts .


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