Snowy question mark over market

Rye's Country Market in the Community Centre with some familiar faces in 2017

Rye’s Country Market is due to re-open at 10am in the Community Centre in Conduit Hill this Friday March 9 after closing a week before Christmas – but what might be missing?
The snow has vanished, nearly as quickly as it arrived, but a big attraction at the Friday market is always the flower stall. So much so that Rye News founder Kenneth Bird always seems near the front of the queue waiting to get in so he can hoover up the best on offer. And he has a garden!
However I have just been picking daffodils in my back garden so there may be some cut flowers, or possibly some flowering bulbs carefully tended over the winter months.
Other stalls though are less susceptible to winter’s ravages and hopefully ovens have been hard at work around Rye and the villages to produce cakes, curries, jams and preserves – as usual – together possibly with some farm produce that has survived the elements.
So, if your larder is looking rather bare, you do not have to wait for an army helicopter delivery as some isolated places still are. Just come to Rye’s Country Market.

Photo: Kenneth Bird

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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