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Alan and Robbie, a very good likeness!

In my article this week titled Hook, line and sinker, I describe my interview and visit with Robbie Hollands, the owner of Sue’s Tackle Cabin at Rye Harbour but little did I know but he is also the owner of Rye Spice Company which trades from the same building at Unit 2, Holland’s Business Park on Rye Harbour Road, next to Bournes removals.

This Friday, 26 November is Black Friday and everything on sale can be bought for 20% below the ticket price so  if you are looking for some ideas for Christmas presents, look no further.

Spice up your life with some of these

This family owned and family run company started life trading in pepper over twenty years ago, extending its range over the years and has been providing an extensive range of dried herbs, spices, fruit, nuts, flour, chutneys and pickles ever since including the immensely popular Cottage Delight range.

It’s possible to buy anything from a small packet to large bags but also, one tonne bags prove just as popular, particularly with wholesalers. Who’d have thought that a company based at Rye Harbour supplies the prison service, major hospitals, schools and oil rigs as well as to restaurants, ship chandlers, supermarkets as well as the general public. The company has come a very long way since starting in 1995 and due to increased demand, their online shop was launched followed by the launch of their ‘in house’ shop in 2015, selling direct to the public.

Chutneys and pickles too

Taster events which proved very popular prior to the pandemic will be relaunched in April next year when owner Robbie Hollands and his good friend Alan Crouch, will once again adorn their ‘whites’ and prepare a range of culinary delights using many of their own spices and chutneys. Bakers are not forgotten as there is also a large range of dried fruits, nuts and flours available to buy.

These events have attracted audiences of up to 300 per session in the past and while restrictions will determine the numbers this year, for those coming along to the Black Friday event this Friday 26 November, not only will everything be reduced by 20% but for £1, between the hours of 12 noon and 6pm you can have coffee, tea, cakes or a beer whilst you peruse the offerings.

During lockdown, demand for baking ingredients has been consistently high and isn’t letting up, especially with Christmas getting closer. Many products are now available in eco-bags (as apposed to plastic), ironically there was a shortage of plastic which by default made eco-bags become the norm but who could have imagined that plastic would be in short supply.

I toured around the whole building, it was very impressive indeed, shelves stacked with so many different and interesting choices, selection boxes of spices or chutneys already packaged would make lovely Christmas presents and a much larger range than you would find anywhere else. The only gaps on the shelves were where the orders had been made but like many other businesses, deliveries are taking much longer at present but the available choice is still vast despite this temporary set back.

So, if like me you have never been to Rye Spice Company you are missing a trick, pay them a visit, save yourself 20% by going this Friday and enjoy the experience, it’s one to savour.

Telephone enquiries on 01797 225015, further information at www.ryespice.co.uk.

Image Credits: Rye Spice .


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