Spring unlocked

Tulips in the long border

Great Dixter gardens and nursery in Northiam are open now, Tuesdays to Sundays, and what a show they are!  I visited on Tuesday, April 20, there were a few people going round, but it really was so peaceful and very beautiful. Possibly not good for the coffers of the Great Dixter Charitable Trust but wonderful for the garden wanderer.

Tulips in detail

The tulips in the barn garden were a blaze of colour as you walked under the yew arch and into the space.  Contrasted with a deep purple display, the orange tulips and the surrounding greenery took the breath away in surprise. The water in the sunken pool shimmered in the sunlight and the great pots of tulips punctuated the space.

The pot displays that Dixter does so well were in full flower at the front door of the house, which will hopefully open again on Tuesday, May 18, and a more gentle flower display emerged from the top of one of the walls. The containers by the dachshund pavement were sheltered by the old walls and glowed in the sun

The garden has a route to be followed, which changes from time to time to give different vistas and views, to ensure social distancing can be maintained but this wasn’t needed as there were only a few visitors. Instead, the place was filled with bird song, colour and form.

In the high garden, a gentle primrose border contrasted with the yew hedges and rested the eyes after the brightness before, with a stand of pale pink tulips appearing on the other side. This time, the long border was not the centrepiece, the gardens on the entrance and the barn garden taking pride of place.

Look in the gallery to see the full impact of this lovely place and book your visit soon.

Image Credits: Gillian Roder .


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