Summer safety by the sea

On sunny days in the holiday season Camber's lengthy beach can attract more than 25,000 visitors

Operation Radcott was launched six years ago as a joint initiative between Sussex police and Rother District Council and last year the scheme reunited over 300 children who had strayed from their families and friends. Beach patrols and police hand out wristbands on which parents write their mobile number before securing the waterproof band on the child’s wrist. The bands are colour coded to indicate different parts of the beach. Any lost child spotted by the beach team can soon rejoin their families with a minimum of fuss.

Speaking on behalf of the council, councillor Martin Kenward explained: “Before we introduced this system we used to get between 30 and 50 children going missing at peak times. That’s now been halved and when children do go missing we are able to reunite them with their parents much more quickly and easily.” The success of the scheme, which runs until the end of September, has seen it replicated at lots of other beaches.

A few other simple precautions can help make the trip to the beach at Camber as stress-free as possible:

  • remember even English sun burns so apply sunscreen, wear a hat and keep shoulders protected by a light top
  • a red flag means no swimming
  • don’t go swimming alone in case you get into difficulties
  • never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas – the orange windsock acts as a warning
  • if you’re sailing or on a boat wear a lifejacket

Camber has adopted a zoning system with clearly demarcated areas for water sports, kites, dog owners and barbeques, although disposable BBQs are not allowed. Anyone with questions about the beach facilities at Camber can contact the council Coast Office on 01797 225207. This summer be safe and sensible and have a great time at one of the country’s loveliest beaches. Now, where’s that bucket and spade?


Photo: Tony McLaughlin

Image Credits: Tony McLaughlin .