Super sew-and-sews join knit wits

Gill Roder is a happy volunteer!

Following a wonderful response to the recent appeal from St Mary’s for ‘Knit wits’ to knit winter woollies for the thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees, the good folk of Rye have been busy with their knitting needles, writes Sandra Lanigan. Not only have the blanket squares overfilled the box in the choir vestry, but some kind souls have also been knitting sweaters and mittens. Gillian Roder, who has kindly agreed to mastermind the sewing-up of the blanket squares, is pictured collecting her first batch to sew-and-sew into a couple of blankets, so the box is empty and ready for more to be added.

Anyone who wants to come and chat and knit together is invited to come along to St Mary’s on Monday, July 6, at 10am and Gill will be there to encourage any would-be sew-and-sews. A husband has even volunteered to come and make coffee/tea for us! Visitors to the church in recent weeks, including a young man who regularly visits from Canterbury, have taken away copies of the blanket-squares patterns with promises to knit some squares. Well done, everyone, for this excellent response.  Keep knitting!

Photo: Sandra Lanigan