‘That’s a lot of kisses!’

Snow Mistletoe at Penshurst Place

A generous donation of £526.03 was handed over to Tony Edwards LOM
(Local Operations Manager) by Ron Baker yesterday morning at Rye Harbour lifeboat station.

Ron has been selling mistletoe for more than 10 years in the pubs local to him and has raised many thousands of pounds for the station. The mistletoe is donated by Penshurst Place Estate and we are really grateful to them and Ron for taking the time to sell it.

Palace Estates General Manager Ben Thomas said: “It is our pleasure to donate Penshurt Place Estate mistletoe to the RNLI and we hope the sale of this magnificent festive plant has helped the RNLI collect some much-needed funds to aid their excellent charitable work and all of the many they help.”

Tony Edwards remarked: “That’s a lot of kisses!” The UK tradition of kissing under the mistletoe is thought to have started in the 1700s, but it became much more popular throughout the 1800s.

Donations enable the RNLI to carry on their sterling work of saving lives at sea.

Image Credits: Paul Barsby .


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